Our mission

Applying Kyoto’s Spirit and Techniques to Our Modern-Day Life

From ancient times to the modern day, the Japanese have appreciated the products that their country has long created: Those with spiritual intricacy and breathtaking beauty, while at the same time, offering comforting practicality and reputable quality.

We desire to apply these “intricate spirits” and “traditional techniques” that Kyoto has bequeathed generation after generation to our modern-day life.

We also wish to recreate the daily necessities that were part of the nature and life of Japan to make, once again, those beautiful products with our classic details, skills and basic materials.

By pouring our hearts out to reproduce traditional Kyoto items one by one – we hope to provide, at a reasonable cost, the things people need and use with comfort in their everyday life.

Product concept

Fill Your Daily Life with Our 72 Elaborate Colors

“Colors” reflect the emotional sensitivity and views of nature specific to the Japanese mind. Kyoto offers the various foundations for these colors – the transformation of nature shaped by the distinct four seasons flowing through the year;
the main stages of historical events since early times;
the beauty of sceneries depicted in poetry and paintings;
and the colorful and seasonal festivals all year round.

In 72 colors, we have succeeded in expressing these many “seasonal scenes of Kyoto” familiar to and appreciated by the locals over the centuries.

These Kyoto colors will surely bring peace and comfort to your mind and fill your life with 72 stories.


  • Handmade Mug (collaborate with Tully’s Coffee Japan Co.,Ltd.)
  • Kyoto style Japanese fan  A
  • Kyoto style Japanese fan  B
  • Paper stationery
  • Handmade Mug (collaborate with Tully’s Coffee Japan Co.,Ltd.)
  • Kyoto style Japanese fan
  • Paper stationery

Company Profile

  • Company name: Rakukei Koubou Inc.
  • Address: 426-2, Kasuga-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto Prefecture 602-8023 Japan
  • Company established: October in 2014
  • Representative director: OSAKA, Yusaku
  • e-mail:
  • Business field
    Product planning, designing, manufacturing and sale
    1. Livingware of Kyoto’s spirit and techniques to our modern-day life
    2. Goods and stationery in pursuit of functionality and material
    3. Furniture, interior and tableware